Bindya Cargo Pvt.Ltd

We promise in providing a good outstanding quality and great innovative solutions is the prime concern at MAGNUM India. We proactively develop and maintain all of the latest industry standards, due to the ever-changing market and for its trending needs. Along with cost-efficientsolutions, we lay a great deal of good emphasis on the timeliness of all our deliveries and thus fulfilling the expectations of all of our customers. As we are owned and managed by professionals we have good objectives in our company like making the business of the customer more and more competitive and also our job is to provide a good service to improve all of our customer’s products.

it can be achieved by employing the right people, building the right and the latest technology services, monitoring and supervising the processes of the organization and lastly maintaining and introducing new quality standards for better customer satisfaction


Bindya Cargo Private Limited views itself as a worldwide leader which provides highly professional services. The growth of the company is by changing the quality of customers in terms of their success, prosperity,and comfort. Bindya Cargo Private Limited should be acknowledged as a trustworthy and best efficient organization. The main vision is to provide a good solution to all the national customers and handles all logistics services. Our vision is to be the world’s best and most consistent Logistics service experience for all of our customers. Being the best means, providing brilliance in quality and service and deliver values, so that we make our customers smile with their great satisfaction.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to move products and work more efficiently with the best system, people and process and we are committed to giving professional services to customers and we will satisfy them every time. The purpose of our existence is to help businesses to manage their supply chain related needs. The basic proposition of all our business is very simple, solid and it is timeless. We provide cost helpful solutions and services tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing requirements of all the International and the National Trade and all of the Local Trade. We strive to deliver value to all of our customers, a good rewarding place to work for all of our employees and also verygood and also a fair profit to the owners of the company.