Bindya Cargo Private Limited is providing a wide range of logistics solutions which can be divided as

Bindya Cargo Private Limited “Road/Train/Air Transportation”

Bindya Cargo Private Limited provides fast transport for many industries. We ship parcels of different sizes and weight at a reasonable cost and provide quick delivery too.

Bindya Cargo Private Limited a good service with its flawless network of agents provide airfreight services to all our clients to and from all the major cities which are around the globe. We offer all of our customers a  cost-effective air freight solutions with unmatchable security and very good handling services. Our team of experts manages very good global cargo services with their local expertise and in their great and a very good experience to ensure pester free transportation of all of your cargo.

Bindya Cargo Private Limited also provides a very good custom clearance advisory services to ensure that all of the customers get free from complexities which will be involved inthe administrationofall of the all of the duties and taxes and we will concentrate on your core business. Backed professionally to handle anything from a very large consignment to very small packages, Bindya Cargo Private Limited offers you a very good and a very flexible air freight solutions that reducethe long transportation time and comes to you at a very good and economical pocket-friendlycost. Bindya Cargo Private Limited England also handles a very good project forwarding requests. We leverage services to all of the major airlines to transport your shipment to major cities in the world.

Our state of art technology infrastructure allows you to track all of your shipment right from its booking to its destination. You can completely trust and in our services for your air freight transport needs.

In case of time-critical deliveries, Bindya Cargo Private Limited offers you a very good time bound air freight cargo transportation and delivery across the globe with a very good custom clearance and broking and documentation facility to ensure timely delivery in right hands.

We are a premium player in the air freight forwarding industry in India. Over the last years, we have moved over thousands of air tons and containers. We are proud to have a record of no lost shipment in transit or a no damage in transit. On the air freight front, we hold a  stock of the major airlines passing through India and work closely with them. We hold on our own Break and Bulk licenses at all metros and are able to execute on timely deliveries at each and every airport.


The key services which will be included in the Bindya Cargo Private Limited Air cargo will be

  • Import and Export all the freight forwarding through our network ofWACO agents
  • We work with all the major airlines across the world to provide all the customers with a good international and domestic airfreight transportation.
  • The door to Door shipments along with a good customs clearance and onward delivery
  • Timely and express deliveries to customers
  • Time-sensitive Cargo for many cargos

Bindya Cargo Private Limited offer services in the Light commercial vehicle and full truckload in different weight and size combinations to suit the requirements of customers. We have authorized “A” grade leaseholder in Southwestern Railways-Bangalore.

Bindya Cargo Private is An Easy To Use Services for the trucks In a very Long Distances. This Is Because when Trains Cost Less Fuel And Can Take a very good and Lots Of Loading Material With More Efficiently n compared with the Trucks. Generally, a Rail Cargo Service Is 10 Percent More Efficient Than a Shipping which is done With Truck. The Rail Transportation Make You Sense For Your Transportation Needs. Bindya Cargo Private Is The Best Rail Cargo Services Provider Since early days. So all of our customers Can Trust That We Will Deliver You The Best Services In The Industry.Rail Cargo Shipping Is Offered By Our Expert Team Of Professionals, Who will be Making You Sure About Delivering Your Goods Or any Material very Effectively And also very Efficiently. By The Help Of all of Our Expert Professionals Team, We Are Able To Offer a very good and efficient Domestic Rail Cargo. A good Rail cargo providing in-home relocation services for any of services like packing and moving. These can give you a very good relax and a guide to customer’s interactively and receive a very good instant feedback without having to make a home visit. Not only will the costs also decrease, but packers and movers care will be more affordable, very efficient, so quick and effective.Within our current Rail Cargo system, our customer is treated intermittently, which consumes an enormous amount of all the resources. With the widespread implementation of the Rail Cargo technology, the future state of our Rail Cargo Company’s system will be a treat for a chronic Rail Cargo Services with muchcontinuous care, which will lower costs and it will dramatically improve Rail Transportation outcomes.

The next generations of Rail Cargo Services technology are focused on a proactive care model and consumers currently have the ability to use that help them with their relocation and their office shifting, household relocation goals. Bindya Cargo Private Provider isa Logistics of India use technology to track distance walked, steps are taken, floors which areclimbed, and activity duration and intensity. The tracking system can also monitor and its web-based tools help keep track of weight and the quantity mass index. This data can be used by both the consumer and Rail Cargo Services Provider company to create many efficient plans to increase good facility levels, reduce efforts of Rail Cargo Services and improve Rail Cargo Services in many parts of India.Rail Freight Forwarding services including conventional transportation in covered and open wagons and containerized in rail transport. Operating in association with the Indian Railways, these services include aggregation of loads fromthe multiple customers. Movement of bulk volumes is enabled in a much easier manner while participating in the railway’s incentive schemes and bulk discount arrangements lead to cost advantages.

Bindya Cargo Private Limited provides full truckload, part load and parcel services for many industries in India. Our clients include many leading brands from automobile, pharmaceuticals, drugs, Agro products, yarn and a host of many industries. Parcel services are available only on selected routes. Eg. Bangalore to Hyderabad, Chennai to Coimbatore, Tirupur, Pune, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Rudrapur,and Chandigarh.

With over 5000 dedicated fleets of vehicles with very good and trained drivers plying every day, we cover 10 lakh kilometers on an average in the entire country. We are believed to be the best in catering to any transportation requirement across the country with a very fast, efficient and betterexpress logistics services.Rendering to the needs of clients, we are engaged in offering very good reliable surface services with seamless connectivity through a dedicated fleet of trucks in roads. The company has carved a niche in the field ofthe surface services, making a safe goods transportations from the doorstep to the desired destinations. We believe in maintaining transparency with an advanced track and a trace system, which helps clients in maintaining the movement of their goods. We have a large fleet of containerized trucks for handling perishable and sensitive goods.We offer economically efficient andtime-bound delivery with our fully integrated system for intercity and intracity destinations. About a good number of fully contained and weatherproof fleet covering more than 10 lakh kilometers per day.

The key services are
  • Fleet tracing by a good GPS monitoring system
  • 24 X 7 X 365 Online track and trace for customers
  • Distribution through many hubs and spokes
  • 5000 good and dedicated personnel working round the clock
  • Hourly committed delivery for all
  • FTL andthe FCL movements
  • ODC cargo movements for cargo
  • Many regional hubs with pan India connectivity
  • SPD model which is the spare part model distribution
  • Competitively priced services
  • COD delivery facility for faster realization
  • 3rd party logistics services for cargo
  • Economical reverse logistics for cargo
  • Minimum in transit time in the whole industry
  • Procurement planning and good supplier management
  • Cost effective solutions for all

In terms of safety, road or rail freight transport and forwarding are one of the most unwavering modes of transportationused. There is no doubt that air freight is the fastest mode of transport, and many of the people choose it in case of an emergency or to make their shipment speed. But, air freight gets hazardous and affected by turbulent weather. But road freight forwarding gets least hit by the foggy and dangerous weather. Moreover, road routes have fixed schedule, more organized than any other way and medium of transportation. From the good service, you will be able to ship your goods right on time. On the other hand, with a single customs documentation, the company service will assure the seamless movement and ensured safe shipment of your goods around the world.

The advantages of our services are
  • Quick, cost-effective, and a scheduled delivery
  • We can do local or over the border, long or short deliveries on time, even in the remotest areas.
  • Our company offers customizable freight forwarding service
  • With the technologically advanced system in our company, the client can track the movement of the cargo.